Monday, January 25, 2010

Photographic Evidence

The story is on the post below this one - but Bree and I went over to help one of our friends with a little organization project. Bree was being a monkey...can you see her?

She's so fabulous, I can't even stand it. She loved these SHOES and kept running in to steal them and then walk around like the diva she is.

Okay, THIS is before. I have permission to post these, but I should explain that this particular friend does not throw anything away. Ever. Also the bags on the upper left are for her business. She had a full and impressive wardrobe of teacher clothes and full and impressive wardobe of regular clothes that are all two sizes too big, all of which she stored like so:

So we took out the stuff she doesn't need and put it in enormous bags which would also be useful for carrying dead bodies of mafia members like so:

And this is what we ended up with. A stack of jeans she can wear folded between shelves of her husband's un-edited stack of t-shirts:

Shirts, short dresses and sweatshirts all on white hangers, facing the same way...alongside a looooong row of unused and mismatched hangers that used to hold clothes Kim can't wear:

It's a work of art. The symmetry...I love it and more importantly, Kim loves it and can actually see the clothes in her wardrobe.


Kalyn said...

Good work ladies!!! KIM- FIFTEEN pairs of jeans???!!!!! OH MY!!!!!! THe closet looks so much more inviting now- and it looks almost exciting to get dressed! :) Enjoy!!!

Maria said...

It's like playing Where's Waldo with Bree! That's a totally cute pic tha should be in a mag for advertizing closet storage!
I so have that split wardrobe---teacher clothes and real clothes! I can appreciate that. I finally had to give in and give up on some of my preteacher, prekid clothes! Heartbreak!

Steph said...

i need this to happen to my closet - but i'm way too ashamed to let a friend see it! i need to spend an afternoon busting my butt in there - that way i don't want to hang my head in shame! :) you do excellent work though!! :)

McCoyFamily said...

I love Bree!!!