Monday, January 11, 2010

This Morning:

It was 17 degrees when I took Carly to school.

Carly could not get over all the frost on the ground and the cars. She kept saying that MAN Jack Frost had been busy last night! She said that she would like to be Carly Frost, but she would do plain white, she'd make the frost pink and purple with sparkles.

Bree has now (finally!) mastered the "more please" hand sign but she does it whenever she wants anything, particularly food or a toy. In Target, I guess she was starving because she kept tapping her fingers together and saying "Moe- MEE" and looking meaningfully at food products. We're working on the sign for food, but I'm not sure what the sign is for "Please give me that cool thing that Carly is playing with I need it right now and she's too tall for me to just take it and run."

I bought a pull up bar and nearly broke my neck trying to use it. I'm going to try again later today maybe when Paul is home to catch me when (not if) I decide to fall off again.

The second the temperature goes about 55 with no wind, we're going outside. I know I'll have to adjust my climatic requirements next year for when I'm going to be freezing ALL the time, and honestly I just need to get back to California where it doesn't matter that I only like to be outside between 55 and 84 degrees because it's rarely warmer or cooler than that anyway. Plus it's always sunny. And the mailmen drive real mail trucks.

I'm baking bread again today just to get the chill out of the air. Our heating bill is going to be ridiculous this month, but really there is nothing else to be done. Houses in Louisiana aren't normally built to stand up to weeks of legitimately winter temperatures. Neither am I! =)

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Morgan said...

This is where I mention that our house doesn't have any means of heat in it...

I love the stories of your girls. They seem like pretty awesome little women.