Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fab Five and a Bonus

What fun! Here are a few things I'm loving today.
First, THIS nail polish. It's OPI, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. I love the title and the color is so much cooler in person than it is in this photo. Has anyone tried the matte? I've been looking for a few months but haven't found any yet.

Holiday decorations at 80% off. Hallelujah.

Carly and I picked out a bunch of different fun products at Lush, this all natural bath and body place in the mall, for my sister in law's Christmas gift. I have been coveting these bubble bars ever since and finally just bought one for myself. This is Flosty and LOVE. I'm such a sucker for cool names and then on top of that it smells amazing and leaves my skin soft. You should try it!

Stila lip and cheek stain in Pomegranate Crush. This product is a revelation.

As is this. It just smells so GOOD. I know this list is heavy on bath products, but I love a nice bath in the winter. It's the only time my feet are warm. =) Besides, it's a great end to the work day and a nice transition back into Liz-mode and out of Mommy-mode. This is another product I have been wanting to try forever and ever and am so glad I finally did.
For the bonus round, here's the fabric my cousin found for her daughter's Mardi Gras dress. It deserved a mention - I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Okay, now we're off to watch the Hangover. *edit* It's funny, but not falling off the couch funny. Okay, the one part when the guy comes FLYING out of the trunk...I was helpless. That was awesome.

Okay and also, everyone is wrapping up 2009 and starting off 2010 and we didn't really do that because we didn't really do anything! Haha. Paul ran a half-Ironman. Carly started sports, ballet and reading. Bree started talking, walking and developed a finely tuned appreciation for jewelry and high heels. I got so busy doing everything that I forgot to do anything at all. Oops. Kelly will be doing a resolution Show Us Your Life this week, so I'll save them for then. I won't be running a marathon or quitting Coke Zero for good or selling all my worldly possessions to travel the world, don't worry. =)


Kalyn said...

I like that list. I have used only a couple of them- but now will go out and buy the rest. Thx. :) Oh- and could your nails/cuticles be any more perfect??? GEESH!! PUH-LEASE tell me you just had them professionally done!!!

Our Family of Four said...

The nailpolish looks black in the photo. I'm assuming it's not :o)Interestingly I got a bunch of Amazing Grace products free like 10 years ago... full bottles, after running the NYC Marathon.