Friday, January 01, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Pig

It was an exciting day (even though it was a sad ending for the Tigers) for football today with my parents both being LSU alumni and my sister at Penn State. She hasn't shut up about it yet and had to be nearly tied down to take that jersey off before going out tonight.
The spread - we had Dr. Pepper barbecued baby back ribs, peas, cabbage, collard greens, apple crisp and sweet potatoes and Uncle Lynn surprised us with a super delicious Honeybaked ham. I thought it was really funny that on this day, when most people are resolving to eat healthier and improve their nutrition, I soaked a bunch of pork in hfcs and then fed it to my family. And it was GOOD. Haha =)

Katherine, Uncle Lynn, my dad and Paul who is hiding in the sunshine. I didn't get a photo of Uncle Maynard but we were so happy to have our uncles come and hang out with us for the day. This really was a great NYD.

Bree did nt sleep at all. She was too upset to be missing the party...when we let her up after the first heartbreaking hour of crying for us, she went straight to the accessories.

Carly shared some leftovers from last night (really delicious Chinese food that we watched with the really disturbing District 9) with Poppy and practiced her rhyming words.


Steph said...

did you get my text asking who you were cheering for??? i was hoping you were cheering for the Nittany Lions!!! :) i'm glad to see your sister in her beautiful jersey!! i was all decked out in my Penn State gear, jumping around my living room like a fool cheering on "my" Nittany Lions!!! :)

ADB said...

how fun!!! so glad that you got to spend the first day of 2010 with your family!!

Kalyn said...

YAY!!!!! I didn't know your family was in town!!!! SO FUN! :)

Our Family of Four said...

I walked away from both District 9 and The Hangover. The Hangover just seemed too much of a guy movie and therefore Mike liked it.

Morgan said...

I like the Sango Dinner Ware. I'm a big fan of their stuff. We have the Nova black in sufficient quantities to serve 16. hahahahaha