Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Trip So Far!

The first flight was pretty good! Carly got to sit by herself like a big girl - and like a responsible traveler, she made sure to familiarize herself with all of the safety information before takeoff. After that flight, it went downhill fast and the rest of the trip was just very expensive torture, for us and the girls, the flight staff and everyone within a ten-row radius.
I'm going to warn you now to just skip the second picture if you're feeling at all nauseous. I took the photo for my friend Katherine who does not go to the movies because of how germy the seats are. And let it just be an indicator of how truly atrocious our second flight was that I would say that an hour on a plane this filthy and disgusting was "pretty good" in comparison. Okay...preggos, just scroll down really fast.

YUCK! Ewww...seriously. I don't think they have EVER cleaned this part (between the seat and the window). SO gross. Continental is our favorite airline, but I'm going to count the commuter flights out on that one.

Carly's first trip out into the snow (how cute is her coat?!) lasted about five minutes until the snow got into her pants and she was convinced that it had cut her skin. Her trip outside today was much more successful.
After some hot chocolate, she was in a much better mood and created some beautiful art for the rest of the afternoon.
Bree and Uncle Pete at dinner last night. The girls LOVE their uncles!
Laughing with MomMom! I had just told Carly to draw a picture of Uncle Matt with a big brain to help him study and get good grades, and Carly thought I was telling her to draw him with a big braid. =)
Then the girls and I went to play some Christmas carols. There is some simple music (which is good, because I am not good!) and Carly, being the musical prodigy that she obviously is, found out that if she played an E when we ended each phrase on a C, it "rhymed." That is her word for it, and I don't know the technical word for making a third, but it does sound nice.
Little monster is wearing her PopPop OUT in the mornings always up and down the stairs! One of her favorite things to do is go up in the kitchen and look through all the Christmas cards.
I ran to Whole Foods to pick up the classic candy canes that I love and of course they didn't have the ones I wanted. I got the very last big candy cane from the bottom of the display for Carly and a gingerbread girl for Bree...they're cute. Next year we're not flying so it won't be an issue. Anyway, when I came back to the house, Carly and Paul had built this awesome snowman! She had a much better time today. =)

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Kalyn said...

A couple things:

A) I can't get over Carly's shirt. HAHA!
B) I had to totally do a double take that that was you playing the piano.
C) I love the snowman
D) That seat was DIS-gusting. -I'd write a letter and send that photo. THen you can get a free ticket out to see me for my baby shower (better yet) you can throw me one! ) LOL!!!
E) (for Elizabeth) I miss you. Merry Merry my luv. xoxoxox