Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day of 1,000 Cookies

The girls were so excited Christmas Eve! They got to hang out with Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace and Albert the Elf dropped off their Christmas pajamas. I'm going to upload the video in a few's probably not exciting for anyone who is not related to it, but Carly was pretty awesome in her enthusiasm.

She did this - the tree and the pose - all on her own!

Hi, my name is Bree, and COOKIES MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!!

Hanging up the stockings before bed! How fun is the pom-pom garland in the background? I love it, it's so Dr. Seuss.

Oh, the Santa Suit. If you know the story, you don't want to hear it again, and if you don't know the me, you don't want to hear it.
I'll upload the stocking video - so awesome. This is the girls exchanging presents after opening their sweet gifts from Uncle Pete and Aunt Amanda.
Poor Uncle Pete somehow ended up on package-opening duty. He and Aunt Amanda gave Carly the cutest little Bratz Angel pack but it took twenty minutes to get it open!
My apologies to Paul for this picture of him, but Bree's face as she's enjoying her gingergirl was just too cute!
Then Paul got to open his stocking! Of course he got coal (cocoa flavored popcorn - so cute) along with his new iPod arm band and earphones. Technically the iPod belongs to me, but I haven't really seen it since he got back from Japan...two years ago...
Uncle Matty helping Bree eat her pancakes. Every morning PopPop tries to make something, anything, else for Carly but she always wants "the pancakes and they flip up high in the air."
Bree...this girl! Santa knows what a little fashionista she is, so he was sure to bring her lots of beautiful jewelry, which she wore all morning long and would show anyone who wanted to see. She also borrowed Carly's purse and walked around telling everyone "bye bye, GO!" She was ready!
Hanging out with Great-Grandpop and Gigi. Bree loved meeting all of her family, some for the first time ever! She also enjoyed eating olives and going up to different people and getting them to give her cookies.
Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace spoiled us rotten again! I'll have to show you the awesome Santa they found for's hand-painted on a cypress knee! So cool! We'll have to show you the awesome princess storybook that Carly and Aunt Diane were working on yesterday and Bree's faux fur jacket. We're rotten!
Almost the whole group. Aunt Amanda (Peter's fiancee), Samantha (Matty's 'friend'), there's Matt's shoulder right there, Paul, (Great) Grandpop, Uncle Mace, Gigi, MomMom, Aunt Diane, and PopPop. Peter was downstairs watching shows with Carly, giving her a much-needed break from all the action. These girls love their uncles so much!
The Elf pajamas...

Christmas morning...warning, it's LONG and unless you're related to us, you probably don't really care to see eight entire minutes of Carly being very, very, very excited. =)


Maria said...

I love that Santa is health conscious and left an apple and orange! That's so cute. I love that Carly loves life so fully. She's a great big sister, very thoughtful!

The Warren Family said...

I think I watched both videos at least twice each. Carly is SO cute to watch, she gets so excited!!! It makes me giggle! Mike even watched them with me :) Christmas must be so much fun with the girls!

McCoyFamily said...

Merry Christmas Fisher Family!!! Love Paul's Santa suit:)

ADB said...

so cute!!! looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!! miss you and the girls so much!!! i love carly's excitement!!! thanks for sharing :) love beeda

Kalyn said...

okay- A) I love that she remembered the hedgehog that you sent Paisley and that she said they could be friends since we had one too. B) How much soap does one kid need? SRSLY!? LOL!!!!!

oh- and I love the bed head on that kid!!!!! I miss those girlies soooo much!! XOXO