Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Monday!

These photos are a little out of order...on Monday we went to our playgroup party and then out to see Granny before our big trip. This is Granny's beautiful feather tree! When the girls are a little older, we may have to put one in their's so pretty!

Bree got right to work unpacking Granny's pantry...

And Carly gave Granny a lesson in drawing castles with Christmas trees
Then we went outside and picked these lovely satsumas. We brought them up to Philadelphia with us where Carly tried to give a lesson to PopPop and Uncle Matty about how to eat them but we're not sure how well that went over.
Granny showed Carly all the different Santas from around the world - and then Carly and I had a long discussion about why the ONE Santa wear all different clothes when he travels. We decided he must have a big laundry hamper to hold all of that.
Butterfly kisses! Carly was giving her tips on technique. I really love being so close to our family right now - such lucky girls. =)
Yummy - these are my favorite gingerbread cookies. They're made with butter, not shortening, and they aren't too molasses-y...I love their delicate flavor. Plus my house smelled amazing.
Katherine (with Reece), Michelle (who spotted me an ornament for the exchange) and Heather around the cookie table during the party. We brought home so many cookies! Luckily, my friend Courtney took them off our hands. =)

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Kalyn said...

ok- those star shaped ginger bread cookies look SOOO good. They look perfect! I am so proud of you Matha.