Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jumpy Jump

After a very fun trip to Whole Foods this morning, the girls and I took a break from going crazy inside our house to go jump with some friends. I have to pay for Bree to go in now, but it is absolutely worth the $11, especially when a park is out due to rain and the mall playground is out due to it being really super crowded during Christmas and the BREC indoor playground is out due to being yuck.
SO we went to the Jumpy Jump and had an awesome time and I took several very random photos. Here are a few: like this one while we were eating lunch. Bree ran over and was begging for some hand sanitizer because Carly had it. Normally Bree is grunting and yelling "KEEN KEEN" but today she settled for trying to reach and take it out of Carly's hand.

And this one when Bree was coming out of the one circle bounce house where I later did exactly TWO somersaults in the middle and was dizzy for half an hour afterward. At one point, Carly told Miss Katherine, who was holding baby Reece and watching the jumping from the outside to "Go get Miss Liz and have her hold that baby so you can come in here with us." Funny girl.

And this lovely photo is the only one I got of Carly's face. Not that you can even SEE her face from underneath her falling down hair. And yes she is wearing a skirt, but it was all bunched up. I was thankful for bloomers. Do you love the shirt and vest that Grammy and Poppy sent her? Carly does! And that's Owen and Grady playing WWF. They adore Carly. =)

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