Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daniel and Nadiah's Wedding

If you know me at all, you know how I feel about weddings (lovelovelove) so I was super excited to be able to share these photos of my brother's reception. We've probably talked about this before, but Daniel and Nadiah have such a great love story. They had the engagement ceremony at Nadiah's home in Malaysia last winter, then Daniel returned to Hawaii (where he's stationed with the Navy band) to file paperwork for her visa. Last summer, the preliminary visa came through, and Daniel and Nadiah were married in Honolulu in a small religious ceremony and at the courthouse, and then immediately filed the paperwork for her (now their) three sons to come to the States as well.. Nadiah was not allowed to return to Malaysia where the boys were waiting until a certain point in the visa process and that window happened to close very soon after the boys were allowed to come over. Daniel was only granted five days of leave, so he and Nadiah took the 21-hour flight and five hour drive to her home to celebrate their new family with a traditional ceremony and reception and then brought those boys back on the five hour drive to the airport and the 21-hour flight back to Honolulu. And here I am worried about three hours to Philadelphia. I know!
Okay, so HERE is the reception set. How gorgeous is this?

The way it works is the couple sits here for a looong time and takes photos with everyone. Daniel wore traditional dress, as did Nadiah, for the ceremony, but later they changed their headwear.

Click the photo to see Nadiah's amazing dress. So pretty!

Sorry Nadiah! I picked the only non-blurry one, but her eyes are closed! These are the boys: Ezzat (6), Farhan (7) and Emir (8). I hope I have that right!

From what I could tell from the photos, the reception was lavish and so beautiful. They even had a marching band! I so wish I could have been there!

Back at their new home, the newly united family went camping on the beach.

Awww, aren't they so cute? =) I'm still almost falling out of my chair seeing that ring on my little brother's hand. SO unbelievable to me!

LOVE this one. At dawn on the beach. So beautiful.


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You're right, beautiful pictures! Nothing like looking at pictures of a wedding to take ones mind off a crappy day, thanks for posting! :)

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Awww thanks Liz Liz!

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I love how you summarized everything! That's so awesome =). And you got the boys' age right too! Merry Christmas!!