Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't Look Too Closely!

I think maybe I should have started with totally simple, not embellished dresses first. But I really, really wanted that ball fringe. And, had the details worked out (one of the big problems is glaringly obvious RIGHT there in the front), Carly would have worn this dress tonight because I love the fabric. However, me and straight seams are not friends right now. I still haven't finished Bree's dress, so I'm going to try and get that fringe on the very bottom instead of in-between and see if that is better.

These pants (not intended to match this dress) have had me laughing all day long. They are SUCH a mess! Again, I probably should have started with just the one ruffle and no ribbon. Like, maybe I could have left off the upside down Christmas trees! The right leg does actually hang straight but Carly was standing funny. It is, however, half an inch shorter than the left leg and the best part is that the "waist" band comes not quite halfway up Carly's rear end. I emailed a photo to a few people, and if you want to see it, let me know. I just didn't think Carly's underwear (seeing as how soooo much of it shows!) needed to be on the world wide interweb.

Paul keeps asking me when some of this stuff that is currently taking over our entire dining room table and making our house look like a wreck will turn into something the girls can actually wear and I told him maybe it will take longer than four days. For now all my mistakes are making for lots of personal entertainment. =)

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