Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fun With Savannah...and Searching for Santa!

Savannah and Candy Land stayed with us last night. We had a wonderful time.

Savannah is exactly in between Carly and Bree in age, but Candy Land is a bit above Bree's skill set, so instead of flipping cards, Bree climed around on stuff.

When Paul came home, he threw the girls around for a bit. He was extra gentle with Savannah because she's not really used to WWFischer. He picked her up slloooowly and then gently put her down.

While Carly and Bree got flipped around and tossed...they LOVE it!

We had chicken cacciatore, or "kitchen chackatory" as Carly pronounces it. I didn't tell Paul about this piece of mushroom on his face...

Alright and THEN! We needed to see Santa. I thought this year Carly really GETS the whole idea, so let's go talk to Santa! YAY! I saw the advertisement for the Rural Life Museum's Christmas at the Farm day and they have Santa...excuse me, Papa Noel...pictured. Well, as it turned out, he was not in attendance until the very end, when he just rode around on a donkey and threw candy. We didn't stick around for that part, but we're glad we went to the RLM anyway because it was super awesome! All the people walking around in period costumes and demonstrations of all sorts of neat stuff, like spinning, weaving, making cane syrup, making candles, cooking over campfires, old fashioned games, wagon rides...really neat. Carly got to spin a tiny bit of thread, and she was excited to try.

Carly had been itching her back...weird posture. Cool that she made a candle. The girls in the back told us they were getting "crazy extra credit" for their history class.

Then we went and made a wreath. That was SUPER fun. Carly's favorite part was the swirly little vines.

Then we let Bree escape and run around on some hills...she was hilarious.

Okay so Santa wasn't going to happen at the farm, so we went to Bass Pro's like redneck Mecca. The ceiling is a hundred feet tall with these giant Spanish-moss draped cypress trees all over. They have more taxidermied animals than the Museum of Natural History and the elevators are made to look like they're going up a stack of fishing shacks. It's pretty amazing. Also, themepark-priced popcorn and an hourlong line to hang out with Santa and Mrs. Claus and get a free photo.

Carly was super excited all the way up there. She STILL doesn't understand the concept of a letter to Santa. I tried to write it down for her but she just kept rattling off collections of stuffed animals in unlikely colors, like blue tigers, orange teddy bears and a seashell that is soft and not spiky that would be a stuffed animal but no legs. ???? What am I supposed to do with that?

This is Carly stalling for time. She scratched her head for three minutes. I have our free photo and it's sort of sad and sort of awesome. Carly looks unhappy and confused and Bree is like, "Whatever. I'm not smiling." On the way out of the twenty-acre parking lot, Carly explained to us what the problem was. See, she remembers the Santa at the King of Prussia Mall in Philly. THAT Santa is resplendant in velvet and fur with bells. He smelled like peppermint and had the big booming laugh you expect. Carly was confused because this Santa "he had a different voice and not the same clothes plus that lady was there. So there are two Santas, that is what it is." Paul and I did a little tap dancing and said that Santa has to wear different clothes when he's in Philly because it's so much colder there...but I'm so afraid that the first chink in the magic has happened...

...but we'll see! Carly has such a unique way of seeing things, plus she has this amazing memory. Who knew she'd remembered that awesome Santa from two years ago? Enough to compare him to Bass Pro Santa and know that they are NOT the same? We'll have to wait and see what she says tomorrow...I do know that she will not be going into the mall until after the New Year, no need to add more Santa diversity to the confused mix.

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