Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just A Little Frosting

Sooo we had snow. Just a tiny bit and all we saw was the leftovers on roofs and Paul's truck but there it was! Carly was sad she missed the "buzzard."

After some confusion about a soccer party, we headed down to Owen's third birthday where Bree commenced trying to eat everyone's food (sure hope nobody's sick!) and dismantle Miss Kim's house. She looked cute doing it, though. =)

Carly spent most of the time playing with her friends in the playroom...until they rolled out this super awesome dump truck cake! It was chocolate cake covered with crushed Oreos and (kosher!) chocolate rocks. SO cool!

Bree would have jumped headfirst right into that dumptruck if she could have. She settled for stealing Olivia's fork and trying to fling her cake across the room.

Miss Beth TRIED to help her be a little more civilized, but Bree just stuck her face in the plate. NomNomNom

It makes me sad that THIS is the best picture I got of Carly all morning. She refused tights so I had to keep on reminding her to sit like a a HUNDRED times. Hopefully it was annoying enough to her that we won't have to do the mad-octopus-and-a-mesh-bag dance next time and she'll just cooperate. Haha!

I love this. Just hanging out, kickin' my feet and enjoying this lovely lollipop.

Silly Carly! She was distraught! Olivia (not pictured) dropped three Nerds!!! So Carly very kindly picked them up and put them back in the box for her. =)

It was a great party! I'm really glad that no one was injured when they suspended the pinata from a broomhandle tied to a ladder or when Miss Kim climed said ladder and took photos from the top. Both of my children ran around like crazy people and passed out in the car...Bree has just now realized that I moved her to her bed, a change about which she is not at ALL pleased. I hope and pray she will fall back asleep!!! Savannah will be here in 15 minutes and she's staying the night with us of course there will be MORE photos, hopefully some actually with my oldest monster!!! =)

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