Monday, December 07, 2009


For me, I'm going to have 'mandatory' highlights tomorrow for the first time ever tomorrow morning. I cannot stand to even talk about it, but the upside is that it just extended my hair-salon time by a solid couple of hours and an extra hundred and twenty minutes of People magazine, Diet Cokes served over crushed ice in a wine glass and absolutely no reshelving board books over and over might almost be worth the soul-crushing admittance that my hair is getting old. (Not ME, just the hair.)

Okay now Carly. That girl. I love it when she comes home talking about real things they discussed at school, instead of just STUFF to fill up the air space. Today we spent a lot of time talking about Hanukah (it's CHAH-nukka, Mommy!) and Christmas and why different people celebrate in different ways. Lucky for me, by the time she brought up Kwanza and started asking questions I have no clue about how to answer, we were at our most favorite place, Whole Foods, and we made a beeline for the fish counter (Let's go see some FISH EYES, Mommy!) and Carly got to pet a crab which pretty much ended holiday conversations. Plus her friend Kate Lee was there and they gave each other one hundred hugs.

And Bree. THAT girl. She calls the stroller a go-go and she likes to push the little doll stroller around the house, laughing like a maniac and running into my legs. She always has the most random collection of stuff in it, too. Today she had a sippy cup, some of Paul's contact cases she scavenged from his bathroom cabinet, one of Carly's dirty socks from the hamper, a couple of tupperware lids and one princess shoe. She was wearing the other princess shoe and about fifty necklaces. Pretty awesome. Then we turned on Clifford and I thought her head was going to come off. She stood in the middle of the living room floor for thirty minutes stomping her feet and shouting "GOGGY GOGGY GOGGY!" every time Clifford came on screen. THAT was pretty awesome too and Santa added another thing to the never-done list. Can't wait to see her reaction Christmas morning!

Okay, that's it for now. Paul is out of town for a couple of days so I'm excited about not having ESPN on tonight. I've been reading Stephen King's latest novel this past week, and since it was over a thousand pages long I'm actually kind of glad to be done with that, too. It's good for sure, but kind of trippy and weird and really frustrating. Plus I have trouble putting interesting books down when I get into them, so it will be sort of nice to get to sleep at a normal time. =)

We're doing graham cracker gingerbread houses this week, and Carly doesn't know about them, so it will be a fun surprise for her! I'm excited to put them together! All I need to do now if find graham crackers that comes in squares that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in them...if we can't find that we might be making Wasa houses with olive decorations...

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Kalyn said...

AH-hahahahaha.... Wasa House's! :) That is toooooo funny. :)