Monday, November 23, 2009

Reindeer Invasion

Jane came over to play. The girls dressed up as Princesses-With-Very-Cool-Hats and they watched a silly movie and ate snacks and talked to each other in opera voices. It was pretty awesome. And we also decorated cookies that looked like reindeer - I got the idea from one of Carly's Nat'l Geographic Jr. magazines and we've been looking forward to the perfect time to do this, and Day 1 of no school seemed just right.

After I assured them that these weren't poison apples and Carly gave Jane a long lesson on "pemichals" in food (sorry everyone, Carly's a little food-vangelist) they enjoyed their snacks while Abby and Emma got all dressed up for their many adventures.

Bree was UNhappy to be left out. She just cried and cried. It was very sad. Bree felt a little better when she had her cheesestick (it's what's in her mouth) and apples in her high chair so she could see the big girls. Jane was really sweet and talked to her.

These are the girls' Christmas shirts! HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!? My friend Kim (the one whose throat made me pass out a while back) made them for us. The thread is silver and I'm excited about silver tutus and red leggings to go with.

We're shipping Christmas presents today. I've never been this on top of things during the holidays and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm aiming for a no-rushing-around season this year and I'm doing an experiment to see if having the shopping completed this early - as much as I truly do LOVE it - will help. Rushing Around is my preferred speed, so there are those in my household who have their doubts that I won't just find fifty hundred other things to do, but so far December only holds the Nutcracker, a couple of Christmas parties and two birthday parties...that's totally manageable!
It's so funny to even be talking about slowing down as I'm waiting for Carly to get her shoes on (she's still in her princess dress) so we can go to the Post Office for the gifts, one shamefully belated birthday gift and a certain BOOK (I'll let you guess which one), while the sweet potatoes are roasting. When we get back there is jell-o to make and a fun craft project to complete for tomorrow. It never really does stop...which is how we like it! But maybe we'll like a more peaceful pace. We'll see. =)

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