Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 3

We were happy not to be stuck inside all day and took an early morning stroll around our neighborhood. Bree heard a dog and barked back. So cute.
Now the girls are running around the house like crazy people and I'm about to go to the store alone (yay!) to pick up supplies for our Thanksgiving feasts. There will be a lot of sweet potatoes being cooked in our house this week.
I had the most wonderful time last night. This movie is a hundred times better than the first one. I keep laughing whenever someone says they aren't a Twilight fan, because I feel very confused about they just told me that they don't believe in Wednesdays or something. It's that bizarre to me. I'm all HOW is that even POSSIBLE??? So funny. =)


Michelle said...

LOL! I believe in Wednesdays, I promise! :)

Emily said...

The not believing in Wednesdays comment made me laugh. So true!

It was so much better than the first. I want to see it a second tomorrow.

Steph said...

your 3 are so cute together! i love that bree barked back at the dogs!!! :)

oh, and i'm going to totally blow your mind...i have not read a single Twilight book - and i saw the first movie and didn't like it. so, are you de-friending me now??? maybe i should have kept this info to myself! :)

Well - I'm REALLY glad you got a night out and had a blast!!! :)