Monday, April 06, 2009

New Orleans Ironman 70.3

Near the starting line of the race...this is what 3000+ triathletes plus all of their supporters and a bunch of press looks like along the banks of the Ponchartrain at 7am on a Sunday morning.
We were so suprised and happy to see Paul! He was looking for us and the big sign we made. Carly's carrying it, it's just a big fish with no words, and it worked! He found us right away in the middle of all of the chaos.
The Giant as Aquaman. We were laughing because he said he looks like a porpoise in his wetsuit.
The swim start! Look in the back of the group...see the shirtless guy with both arms up? Okay, that's not Paul. Paul is to the right of Freezing Guy with one arm up. This is one of the groups of 25-29 year old males.
We were so excited to cheer him on to the last leg of his race! Once again the fish sign pulled through for us - we are so proud of him!
Our Ironman!
Volume alert - you might want to turn your volume DOWN. We were pretty enthusiastic - but doesn't he look great!


Steph said...

that is AWESOME, Paul!! Congrats on doing something so amazing!!! Hats off to you my friend!!!

Liz - I love all the pictures. You have some seriously CUTE little girls! Oh - and I LOVE your hair! Love the color, love the cut!!!

ADB said...

way to go paul...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Sarah said...

That's so awesome Liz. You must be so proud of your husband. I think I would run out of breath just trying to get the wetsuit on!

Grammy said...

Congratulations to Paul for finishing that grueling race. I liked the fisch.

McCoyFamily said...

Yeah Paul!

Erin said...

Yay, Paul!! Elizabeth, your husband rocks! Of course, you already knew that. :)