Monday, April 06, 2009

Our Point of View! =)

As for us, we had a great time! The weather was perfect for spectators, mostly overcast with a light breeze and sunshine every now and then. The girls were so good, especially since they had to get up and get going so early. I'm really glad we went ahead and got there for the start, though, because we got to hang out with Paul for a few minutes before he hit the water. It was such a fun day!
Waiting for Paul at his first transition - we missed him by about four minutes, which was a total bummer, but we met some really cool people and then we got to see Chris McCormack (big time triathlon guy - he won Kona a couple of times) come in off the bike and that was pretty cool.
Bree exploring our "WE'RE HERE" poster!
The bike transition area was on the grounds of the University of New Orleans, and we were SO thankful to find the business school building open! Liz does not 'do' porta-potties. Carly was so excited to be allowed to climb all the way to the top while Bree had the part of her lunch that we didn't really feel like sharing with hundreds of spectators. =)
Well fed and ready for a short race. Poor little sweet pea only got to sleep for about ten minutes until Mommy lost her mind when Daddy came through his second transition to start his very long and very painful run.
Meanwhile, Carly gathered some treasures for me.
And she secretly took this hilarious picture of me trying to spot Paul coming out the runners' chute.
As soon as we saw Paul run out, we left the transition area and headed to the French Market. I knew we had a couple of hours, so we stopped at a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant where all the waitresses were originally waiters...if you know what I mean...then we walked a mile or so to the finish line, where Carly promptly fell asleep.
Then Bree fell asleep for a little while, sweet little baby. She's so cuddly when she's tired.
We were happy to see another mom from our playgroup there to see her husband's business partner finish up, and we got to meet that guy's wife, Amanda. She took our picture while Bree snoozed away.
Then, this morning. Daddy gave Bree her first Gatorade - she was a BIG fan! I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but her tongue was blue! I think she looks so much like Paul!
And finally, on the way home today, Carly is dancing to the maraca song on one of her CDs. What a great weekend! We're SO proud of The Giant and we had SUCH a fun time!


Anna said...

Hey, I have been eyeing this stroller on for awhile (just in a different color since I also have a little man). Anyways, can you let me know how you like it? Isabel is a tall girl and is now 4. Does Carly fit in the back sitting down part okay? I am sick of her whining at the mall or whereever that she's tired. Today my hubby was with me and I ended up carrying Luke for awhile so that Isabel could sit. And then he carried her on his shoulders later. But when I'm out and about alone with them I think this might be helpful. Thanks for any suggestions. Also, how roomy is the part where Bree is sitting? Does it seem like she'll fit when she is 1 or 2 yrs old? Luke is almost 20 months old and weighs 21lbs. Sorry for the novel but thank you.

Sarah said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Congratulations to daddy Fischer! What a great accomplishment, and very motivating.

I love the treasures Carly collected for you!


mistika said...

I love the pictures!

Kalyn said...

you have a pretty nose.