Thursday, April 09, 2009

Carly's Easter "Party School"

Carly's preschool had their Easter party this morning. It was at the PTA president's beautiful home on the LSU lakes. They have the Funnest Backyard Ever and it's such a pretty day, so Carly had a super time with her friends playing and hunting Easter eggs.
Yay! The eggs were filled with (wait for it) BIRDSEED...but I warned Carly in advance that we were hunting eggs to share with the birds because their nests are too small for Easter baskets! she wasn't too disappointed!
Sweet little girl!
Then a minute later, being a monster...look at the roar!
Carly LOVES Miss Melanie!
Carly and Frances in the top of the play structure. They were standing on the trapdoor so the boys couldn't get up and everyone was making dinosaur roars at eachother. So funny!
Then, after the party we went to one of our favorite parks near our house. Carly met some new friends and got to make a sand castle. So it was a great morning!
Thanks to MomMom and PopPop for Carly's pretty dress! =)


Nadee said...

So much fun! I love that dress too! And Carly is getting so big now.

Steph said...

she looks SUPER CUTE in her pretty little dress!

oh - and very creative on the reason for hunting birdseed filled easter eggs!! :)

Kalyn said...

Carly is turning into SUCH a beautiful little girl. (not that she wasn't before, just more so now!) Her hair, her face.... she is just beautiful!!!