Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Lion and Chatterbean Carly

I use this website to share photos and stuff and also to help me remember all of the things that go on here...stuff I'd forget if it weren't written down somewhere!

So, here are some things to remember!

Now that she's getting older, I have her keep an eye on things for me. It makes her feel like a big girl, and it helps me, too! Like when I hop in the shower, I tell her, "Let me know if Bree starts crying" or something. So now, she asks me to let her know all kinds of things, like "If I get hungry, let me know!" or "If the monsters come back, let me know!" or "If the dogs start woofin' and I come into your room, let me know!" So funny.

She also has 'servoncipilities' like spraying the table and folding the kitchen towels. She's super proud of her work.

She wants to know what everything is saying...like yesterday we planted some flowers and hostas in our poor barren flower bed and she said, "Mommy. What is that pink flower saying when you're puttin' it in the ground?" If I don't give her an acceptable answer, she says, "But WHAT is it SAY-ING?!" And then she wants to know what I say, and then what the flowers say.

Finally, she's started putting weird words in place of words she can't think of. Her favorite random replacement word is "scloovely." Like, "Ooh Mommy, I can't brush my hair because it is all...scloovely." She's still repeating her first sounds and her teachers haven't said anything about it, so I'm still thinking that she just has more to say than her mouth can make in time.

Hilarious! Poor Carly's going to have her hands full with this little sister!

She has to eat when we're eating. AND she really, really wants to eat EXACTLY what we're eating, too. For example, this morning at breakfast, Bree had her normal frozen pancake (it stays together better and feels good on her little gums) and Carly had cut up pancakes. Bree just stared at Carly's plate while chomping her own pancake and yelled about it until I broke her pancake into pieces. She looked back and forth for a while and then she was happy. She did the same thing at lunch yesterday with the hash brown letters we get for Carly every now and then. Bree went crazy for those! As soon as she finished one, she'd do her laser-stare at the plate and start yelling until we gave her another one. SO funny!

Bree has zero interest in her toys when we're in the living room. She'd much rather pull all the magazines out of the basket - this drives Carly NUTS - or try to eat the remotes or pull on any cords she can see.

She loves our walks, but only if we're going fast enough to let her hair blow in the breeze. If there is a light breeze and her hair moves, she's a happy girl. When it's clipped back, the breeze does nothing for her. So funny!

Now that she can sit up for a few minutes at a time, she's been taking her bath in the BIG tub, with just a few inches of water. Splashing might be her new favorite thing ever. Except Carly. Bree LOVES her sister so much. If Bree can hear her, she must see her. If Carly is playing with something, Bree MUST have it. Not to take it - that will come later - but to just do whatever Carly is doing. Whenever Bree is a little cranky, I ask Carly to come and run around in the same room and it works right away.

We're going hiking today - and I'm so excited! It's a beautiful day and I can't wait to get out and do some stuff! We're going with some of our super adventurous friends and Carly is sooo super excited to see them.

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Nadee said...

They're great girls with great personalities! You're so lucky!