Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tunica Hills!

What a fun adventure!
We drove ALL the way up to Tunica Hills...all I know is that it's in another state and north of us for about an hour...and totally worth the drive! So beautiful - and the weather was perfect!
Bree and her grill brush had a good time, too!
In some places, the trail is really steep and there are stairs. This section happened to be by the second waterfall, but it was kind of broken at the bottom (!) and I was too nervous to let Courtney take them down to the actual falls. I'm never the nervous mama, but today that rickety staircase was giving me fits - Courtney was so sweet and patient with me! Hopefully next time it will be warm enough for us to walk up in the stream so we don't have to worry about these staircases at all!
Walking up the fairy stairs with Lucy's MawMaw. She's such a rockstar - just finished seven weeks of radiation two weeks ago and she's already out here hiking the trails!
Carly wanted to crawl out on this log, so we risked our necks and climbed down!
Then I decided that it would be more fun to SLIDE down the hill than actually walk! Poor Bree!
We stopped for snacks, and Bree ate most of a pb&j (you can see it all over her little face). Then she got REALLY mad when it was gone and I wouldn't give her a giant carrot like Carly had!
We stopped at Magnolia Cafe in adorable St. Francisville on our way home. After lunch (Bree ate two pieces of chicken pizza, Carly ate nothing), the kiddos climbed around! Courtney got some GREAT photos, and I'll share them once she emails them (hint, hint).
Bree, hanging out with Lucy and Kerry's MawMaw before it was time to go. We has SUCH a great time today! We love our adventure friends!!!


FosterFamily4 said...

Looks like such a fun and advernturous day. I LOVED the picture of you sliding down the hill with Bree. So funny.

Nadee said...

So much fun! Love the pictures of the kids, especially the one with Carly and her friend on the stairs. And the last picture of Bree laughing. She's one very happy girl!