Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in New Iberia!

You've probably heard this already, but according to Carly, anything the Easter Bunny brings is called "Goody Buns." Hilarious. Here are her Goody Buns...we tried to keep the sugar to a minimum because our family spoils us with plenty of Jelly Buns and Hersheys!
Bree's Goody Buns! I soooo wanted to get Janet The Mouse from PB Kids, but it didn't work we have this sweet bunny instead!
Carly enjoying her "Makeup." If you look hard at her sweet little forehead you can see the giant purple goose egg she got last night when she slipped and bonked her little head on the floor.
After church, Bree got some lap time with Granny...while enjoying her first (of five!) giant crackers. This girl loves her food!
Bree's first egg hunt!
Carly had so much fun! It was so sweet - Uncle Dennis, Lilly and Joey made an egg hunt just for her! Aunt Sarah and Lilly decorated two special eggs and everyone cheered Carly on as she ran around the yard looking for eggs.
Like this one! The golden egg won Carly some cool arts and crafts prizes. And see her new princess bucket? She was so excited! Thanks, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sarah!
Meanwhile, Bree cheered her on and took a little hop in the grass!
Spending some time on the front porch with Mommy and Lilly.
Paul's new golf buddies, Granny and Grandma Bing (Uncle Dennis' mom). Paul and Grandma Bing hung out most of the afternoon, watching the Master's and talking about golf.
We had SUCH a great time! Big thanks and hugs to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dennis for making Carly's Easter so special! We had a wonderful time with you guys!


Emily said...

Goody buns...ha! Glad you guys had a good Easter. Your girls are too cute!

Mary Beth said...

Great pictures!

McCoyFamily said...

What great baskets...the girls looked so cute:)

Nadee said...

Those baskets are gorgeous! Love the pictures!nm