Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hi! =)

My name is Bree and I am eight months old!!!
I have a tooth, I'm almost ready to crawl on all fours, and I can sit up all by myself! I'm learning how to drink from a sippy cup and I eat most of my meals with my own hands. My favorite foods are bananas, tofu, black beans, toast, pancakes, rice and pasta. Oh...and I look more and more like my Daddy every single day!
I love going to the park because I get to watch the big kids play...sometimes I get to play with the cool toys, too!
See all my hair? Mommy says I'll be ready for ponytails soon! I can't wait!
Happy Easter week everyone! We'll see you soon!


Nadee said...

8 months! Wow! Can't wait to meet the girls one day =)

Steph said...

i can't even stand all the cuteness!!! she gets cuter and cuter every month!

Kalyn said...

YAY!!! I get to meet her in ELEVEN days!!!!