Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm loving this swimsuit on Bree! I rescued it from the floor of the crazy warehouse sale I went to yesterday...Bree thinks she looks so cute!
Please ignore the wrong initials, we have a friend who does embroidery and she's going to fix it up for us. This dress is so beautiful! This one was rescued from a discard pile right by the registers and I'm totally in love with it.
Hooray for the last one-piece on the rack! It was a size up from what Carly normally wears, but I'm glad I got it b/c the swimsuits run small. The one Bree has is 12-18 months, which is crazy because one of the dresses she got is that size and it swallows her.
For Carly's size, there were NO dresses at all by the time (twenty five seconds after they opened the doors) I got to the racks. But we did score a bunch of really cute separates. I'm sort of hoping the weather is a little chilly next week so Carly can swear this sweater. =)
Oooooh I love this skirt! It's skinny corduroy and the cutest shape. Carly calls it her mermaid skirt.
Ooh and THIS one! I saw it from across the room (not difficult because it is grape-Koolaid purple with bright red polka dots!) and I had to have it for Carly. I bought two so that my embroidery friend can cut one apart and make appliques for a matching shirt or two. It's t-shirt material and it's SO great!
And now for Bree again. This is exactly what she's doing right this minute. Lately she's been getting finger foods for beserk. These are way overcooked penguin noodles from last night. She's had toast and tofu cubes, too. Usually she spits it all out, but it's for the practice! She's growing up so fast, I can't believe it!!!


Emily said...

I think I am jealous of Carly's purple and red polka dot skirt. So fun!

Katja L. said...

Wow! You really got awesome things at this sale. I wish I had gone, too ... *sniff*. Bree is so sweet in he swimsuit :).

Kylene said...

These are some great clothes!! How fun! Hope you are enjoying your Spring Break visit from Beeda!! :)