Friday, March 13, 2009

She's a Quick One!

While I was getting Bree dressed, I had Carly grab the camera for me. She did...and dropped it at my feet. I reached down to grab it and heard Bree squealing and cracking up...this was literally four seconds after I leaned down! She flipped over and was playing with her clothes.
In the next ten seconds while I stood up and set the flash...she finished helping me 'organize' her once-neat drawer! It looks awful, but that's really just one stack of onesies she pick up and dropped...she was SO proud of herself!
...and...Carly was squishing monsters pre-ponytail. In case you ever needed to know, monsters can't see you when you have clean teeth, all your clothes on and your shoes tied. And then when you put a bow in your hair, they get scared away. But that only works in the house. When you go to the car, you have to put your seatbelt on so you can be 'inbizible.' Maybe she's going to have a complex later, but she's three, and that works to get us out the door. I'll take it! =)


Brandi said...

I used to think once they could walk it was all over, but it seems now its as soon as they roll over. What happened to being babies?

Brooke said...

I LOVE this! All of it! Too precious!

Grace said...

Your girls are adorable!