Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Love Beeda!

Our beautiful Beeda!
Funny Carly!
We went to the playground - didn't Amanda take a pretty photo!
Beeda brought Bree a super soft duckie...she loves it!
And Carly - she adores her beautiful princess bunny jewelry! This cute outfit is from Beeda, too...we're all getting so spoiled! =)
Hehehe...when we were shopping, Carly's cool Beeda crawled up on the merry-go-round. Can YOUR Beeda do this?
Random baby moment - Bree had cous cous for the first time.
That's one happy baby! She has butternut squash and some other stuff all over her face...she was a giant happy mess.


Kalyn said...

How fun!!!! Did she like the Cous Cous????

Kylene said...

Looks like y'all are having a fun time! Hope you enjoyed the visit with Beeda! :)

McCoyFamily said...

They are so grown up I can hardly stand it:)