Friday, February 20, 2009

The Krewe of La Print!

The Mardi Gras parade at Carly's school was this morning and it was really super cool. The video quality isn't the best and it's generally loud and chaotic...but skip forward to around 3:16 to see James and the Giant Peach!

Okay, this was before the parade. Carly saw me through the window and asked permission to come out early. See the yellow paint? She had been at school for forty-five minutes. Aaaaaand this is why all of Carly's tights are gray.
Caroline, Quinn, Matilda, Laura Jane, Carly giggling, Ashton, Cole, Kylie...buddies.
Miss Marguerite held Bree so I could take some photos.
In case you didn't see the video! What makes this float even better is that these boys, Enzo and Caruso, are brothers. And they're actually Greek.
The scene from the deck behind the early childhood classrooms. It was madness!

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FosterFamily4 said...

So cute!!! It looks like everyone had a great time. I LOVE that little girls "M" sweater. You'll HAVE to ask her Mom where she bought it!!! It's a MUST have for my McKayla.