Friday, February 20, 2009


We bought this forest fairy costume at 75% off the week after Halloween and Carly loves it! It's too small, but she doesn't care. I especially like it with her digi accessory.

I've started really looking forward to Dress Yourself Saturdays. Carly is so adventurous and so proud of her outfits! She was loving the stripes last weekend. =)

The flower clip stays! At least until she realizes it's there, pulls it out, and starts trying to eat it.

And then yay! Yesterday we met Uncle Dennis, Aunt Sarah, Kirsten and baby Vi at Zeeland Street Market (if you haven't been, go! It's soooo good). The eating arrangement you see below lasted about thirty five seconds, but once my little mommy's girl was on my lap, she happily ate all of her pears and zucchini (which, btw, are SO gross pureed. yuck!).
...if the bib fits...

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