Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Brookshire Farms

Wow - this has been one of our BEST big adventures so far! What a fun time, and what a beautiful day! We are so thankful to Miss Anne the farmer for showing us around her farm. Her husband's family has been raising cattle right here for over two hundred years.
This baby calf was born at 10:30 in the morning...when we saw him, he was just over three hours old. Amazing!
This mama cow was letting Carly know that she needs to stay away.
Miss Anne took us around the farm in this Kubota. Bree was less than enthusiastic about the noise it made, but sweet Buddy the dog kept all the animals in check by barking at them if they got too close to us.
This is Miss Anne getting some treats for the cattle.
Carly didn't want to get cow poop on her millions. She calls these pants her "millions" because of the number of hearts. =)
See how skinny this mama cow is? She's nursing an 800 pound calf...we decided that the reason my ribs aren't showing (hardly!) is because Bree needs to gain a couple hundred pounds. =)
The other cows smelled the snacks. Feed us!
Me tooooooooo
Then on to feed the barn cats. Carly did such a good job of this! She said, "Here you GO, cats!"
And then we went to see the goats! See the triplets? They saw me! I should have gotten a video of their sweet little voices. So cute!
Carly decided that standing on the bed of the Kubota was better than having her feet stepped on by snacking goats. We figured that was a good plan.
The Billy. How hilarious is this picture?
When we came back to the house, wonderful Miss Anne showed Carly how to get these amazing, juicy tangerines off the tree.

We had the most wonderful afternoon out on Brookshire Farm. We'll probably need to go back when Carly's a little older because I'm pretty sure she still doesn't understand where food comes from, but it's a great memory. It's a great hairdo, too, right? Carly's into doing everything herself and on a morning when I was handling a locked nursery and a locksmith ten minutes before time to leave for school, a cute ponytail was the last thing on my to-do list.


FosterFamily4 said...

How FUN!! Cute pictures.

Nadee said...

This is soooo exciting! I wish we have this in Malaysia.