Monday, February 02, 2009

The Great Garden Project, Episode 1

Preferred Method: Hire someone else to do it.
Failing that: Get your husband to do it.
Failing THAT (if he works 75 hours a week and is training for a half Ironman): do it yourself.
In the following educational photographs, the part of Liz will be played by Carly. Please note the sunglasses and headband. =)
First, measure out the plot of land to be excavated for garden installation. Use scary huge nails to mark the corners.
Then, dig. You may realize that dirt and grass is very heavy, making it impossible to carry neat rolls of sod like you originally planned. Do not be discouraged!
It's great cardio to do it square by square.
You can then place the blocks of sod next to the fence where it gaps off the ground. This will serve two purposes: 1) It will hopefully prevent the rest of your yard from sliding off into the drainage ditch and 2) It will remind you why you fired the lawn/fence guy in the first place. I mean, WHO leaves a ten-inch gap between fence and ground?


Glo said...

Carly did a terrific job posing as her mom! I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Grammy said...

Make sure you have room to get around and reach everything without having to step into your garden. Our rows are 30" wide with 30" in between rows. I think this arrangement allows us old guys to get around without smashing down the aerated soil. Love Poppy

Jess said...

carly looks so adorable, she is a great actress too

Kalyn said...

OMG!!!! This cracks me up. All of it. :)
I just love that little girl! She is soooo cute!!!