Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Great Garden Project, Episode 2

In this episode, we will be discussing how to start seeds. Or at least how WE started some seeds.
First, the dirt. Mmmm, dirt. Add a bit of water to moisten the seed starting mix. It would be a good idea to check for holes in the bottom of the mixing bucket before pouring in the water. Not that we had a GIANT puddle of water all over the table or anything...
After moistening the mix, add it to your containers. In our house, tomatoes get the pretty dessert dishes, all the other stuff gets to share egg cartons.
Tomato seeds!
This is the low-rent district of seed-starting. Of the four types of seeds planted here in the seed ghetto (sunflower, basil, parsley, lavender), only lavender really likes to be started early. But we figured that maybe seeds won't really know the difference, so in a couple of weeks we'll see who's smarter, us or seeds.
When labeling seed containers, it's important to make it as crafty, cute and hard-to-duplicate as possible. =)


Kalyn said...


I can't think of anything witty to say.
This post makes me laugh!!!

Grammy said...

Dirt is in the vacuum. You are using "soil" as my current garden guru tells me. lol Silly man: dirt is still on my FLOOR!