Sunday, December 14, 2008

To The Zoo With Uncle Lynn

These are a little out of order b/c I stole some from our Uncle Lynn's Kodak gallery and then uploaded some of's Carly by the flowers in front of what will be the big cat enclosure.
The three of us by the fountain on our way out.
Saying hello to The Hello Birdie...we discovered that he also says "bye-bye!" This picture makes me laugh - could I possible be carrying ANY more stuff?
You'll see more of this giraffe in a little bit...but in this photo you can really see how close he was to us!
Bree in her perch, chewing on her hands.
Cool, right! It's a two-headed giraffe. =)
Carly hitched a ride for a little while because she was too tired to walk. Poor Uncle Lynn - I don't think he's used to hauling around 38 extra pounds.
They went into the petting zoo, but Carly got freaked out when the goats kept trying to eat her makeup stick (cherry chapstick). The zoo was DESERTED, so we were thinking the goats and sheep were extra hungry.
Hello, giraffe!
Post-zoo snack of yummy hot chocolate =)

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Kalyn said...

That two headed Giraffe, took me a few seconds to REALLY see that it was, in fact 2 giraffes. :) Great Photo! :) ALso- you look GREAT!!! Good job Mommy!! Oh, and when I saw that photo of you holding all the stuff, I said to myself "MAN.... she is carrying A LOT!" :) hehehe....
MISS YOU!!!!!!