Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Girl Food!

So we think she liked it! She didn't like the first couple of ways Paul tried to feed her, but when she got to sort of drink it out of the spoon, she was a BIG fan. We gave her a couple of tablespoons...but as you can see, much of it ended up on her bib. =)

Sweet baby - we can't believe she's already old enough for solid food!

After church this morning, hanging out with Daddy. =)


Kim said...

SO DANG CUTE! Camryn "slurped her food" from the spoon for a month or two - she would only open her mouth a teeny-tiny bit but now she is gobbling it up! Bree is just PRECIOUS! Makes me already miss Camryn being so small!

Kalyn said...

OMG... her little sucking and slurping noises are SO cute!!! I can see her little tongue licking the spoon!!! SOOOO cute! :)