Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards Rejects

We did get some photos done, just for fun, but they didn't turn out as well as I thought, so we did our own. Once we figure out how to convince the photo folks to refund us for the shots we didn't like, we'll be good to go, but for now, here are some of the home shots we didn't choose...for a variety of reasons. =)
Hi, could the look ANY more alike? It will be so fun to watch as they grow to see if they favor one another still.
Carly took this photo. We are so excited because she is going to LOVE the digi camera that Santa picked out for her!
This one makes me laugh. I printed it out and it's hanging on our refrigerator right now. Bree's face! It's so funny!
And I printed THIS one for Paul. Normally I don't put up funky pictures of my kids, but Paul laughs out loud every time he sees this. He said he didn't know babies could even make faces like that! So you'll probably be seeing this in Bree's wedding slideshow or something. =)


Jess said...

The picture of Bree makes me laugh out loud too! What on Earth did you put in that solid food??

Erin said...

The girls look beautiful and so much alike! I can't wait to see the picture you picked for your Christmas card!

And, I'm like you--Bree's face in pic #3 is cracking me up! :)

brooke2916 said...

That first picture of them is so cute! They really do look a lot alike :)