Monday, December 08, 2008

Star Popsicles

We ordered these popsicle molds a couple of months ago for the fundraiser at Carly's school...they were a huge hit at our house - obviously! Here is Carly munching on some of the ingredients for the second layer of our first batch.
The finished product! We used yogurt mixed with blackberries for the top and yogurt and bananas for the bottom...I don't really think we need the yogurt, but it was really good. =)
The following photos are all so silly, but they all make me laugh so I couldn't leave any of them out!


Steph said...

you are a cool mom...i want to live next door to you so i can come play!!! :)

those look so yummy!!!

McCoyFamily said...

We miss silly Carly:) Those pops look so yummy!