Sunday, December 07, 2008

"It's Getting Christmas At Our House!!!"

Every time something red, green or sparkly gets hung up in our house, Carly gets very excited and asks us, "Is it CHRISTMAS in here???" She's been excited about Target's decorations since they went up around her she was really proud of being able to help Daddy put up our outside decorations. She handed him clips for the lights along the roof, exciting!
I love the sunshine on her face. She's totally breaking the new rule about leaving the blanket in her bedroom, but whatever - it's a sweet photo. =)
Directing operations
Hahaha...Bree going to town on that fist. Do you see how red her little index finger is?
Silly girl! It was really a pretty day outside, but we hadn't fixed our heater yet and we were still cold from our freezing house, so we bundled up. Carly danced for the better part of half an hour...I think there are ballet lessons in her (near!) future!


Steph said...

such fun!

ADB said...

i love Christmas time...and listening to Christmas music...the radio is always playing in the background!

and sometimes i even dance around and be silly just like carly =)