Monday, December 08, 2008

It's ALLLL Christmas Around Here

Carly did a great job helping - such a sweet little elf!
We got LED lights this year and they look sort of blue in the real life, it's a futuristic look, not the plain white you'd expect, but it's okay. Our tree is just ahead of its time...and saving us 88% on energy! Woohoo!
A lot of people we know have ornaments from their past and I love that tradition, so we're starting it here. This is Carly's from the year she was one. We're also doing photo frame ornaments of the girls each year and when they start their own families they can have their tiny little pictures from growing up.
Carly helped me pick out these swirly icicle things...they are her favorite ornaments!
Until she found these cool retro felted ones.
Then the snowflake on didn't end up being just a whole lot straighter than it is in this photo...but I think that makes it perfect!
My camera tripped a little bit out with the LED...but I think it's a cool photo anyway.


Steph said...

Your tree looks great! :)

And I have lots of my childhood Christmas things...and I love them. So yep - GREAT idea!! :)

Erin said...

Oh, I love your tree! I've been LOVING all of your recent photo posts!! Yay for Christmas time at the Fischers! Carly is absolutely adorable--what a wonderful personality she seems to have. I love that even though I haven't met her yet, her personality comes shining through in all your photos.

And Bree. My goodness, you have a beautiful baby. And YOU! You look GREAT! Seriously, Elizabeth, in the few pictures you've posted of yourself, you look as beautiful as always. Miss you all!

Oh, and send me your address! :)

Kalyn said...

you went to the Icky Store :) hahaha.... we have those swirly ones too..... we got them in white, glitter. :) GREAT MINDS!!! :)