Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In A Nutshell...Back and Forward

**Picassa isn't cooperating with me, so I apologize for the lack of photos.**

So, since everyone is doing this...

2008 brought us:
-A BIG move to Louisiana!
-Paul ran a half marathon, a 10K and a couple of triathlons.
-Carly and I saw most of the visit-worthy sites in New Orleans and managed not to be shot, mugged, or lost in one of the giant crater-sized potholes in the process.
-We found out Bree was a she in March and I gained five hundred pounds.
-Carly turned three on the day we bought our first home.
-Six weeks later, we welcomed Bree into our family.
-Three weeks after THAT, Carly started school and hasn't looked back! She loves it!
- We experienced our first hurricane!
-Paul and Carly visited Philadelphia for a weekend, we hosted several visitors.
-Carly went to her first tailgate and Paul got to go to a couple of LSU games.
- We celebrated our fourth anniversary as married folks. =)
- I began a military spouse fellowship program to become a certified financial counselor.
- Both of our middle brothers got engaged.
- We celebrated the one-year anniversary of Paul being home!

Coming up for us in 2009 (as far as we know!):
- Paul's half-Ironman is April 4. We're SO excited!
- He's taking the XO job in May, which means shorter days and some Saturdays off but more time on the road.
- Carly is starting T-Ball and Micro Soccer in the spring.
- I'll start my practicum hours for the fellowship.
- Big Bonnin family reunion in Oregon this summer!
- Our first family vacation EVER. We're going to Pensacola.
- I'm sure there will be many, many trips to the zoo and the museum, lots more cooking, several funny messes and another AWESOME year of Paul home with no deployments! Yay!!!

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Have a great New Year you busy lady:)