Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When You Care Enough To Make The Biggest Mess

Okay, so at school one of Carly's favorite projects is shaving cream. She is getting really bored at home with just coloring and tracing lines, so, being the super Mommy that I am, I bought the $1.79 double pack of Barbasol at Target the other day and let her go to town. When I was sitting with her, she used her little hands and made roads and mountains and then gently and carefully squished them flat again. Then Bree woke up, and in the twenty-three seconds it took me to rescue the baby from her crib, Carly did THIS:
And then she was worried that she might get in trouble for trying to look like Santa and The Abominable Snowman all at once.
Then when she didn't get in trouble for that - shaving cream is clean! - she got REALLY comfortable. I mixed up some bananas for Bree and when I came back...
So we've decided that shaving cream will be a strictly bathtime activity in our house from now on. Shaving cream IS clean, but it DID get all over the floor, the couch, the shower curtain, both rugs and a few walls. What a mess! It was a fun mess...but not something we're going to repeat anytime soon. At least until it's warmer weather and I can put it outside in her water table!
And Bree didn't want to be left out of the messy fun. That girl LOVES her food! Last night she ate four ice-cube-size pieces of banana puree and then a lot of cereal. My hand is there because she likes to slump over the edge of her Bumbo if she's not help up straight. =)

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Morgan said...

That second picture is about the cutest thing ever.

Aside - have you seen the bumbo videos on youtube? Oh my goodness they are hilarious. There is a whole series of them. Make sure you catch them all!

Happy New Year, Liz.