Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fischer Family Movie Time

There are LOTS of videos! But they're all short, and all funny. One day, I'll figure out how to put them all together, but until then, here's some more of our Christmas morning and a little bit of my very favorite little monkey.
This might come as a shock, but Carly was BACITED about her Troublesome Trucks. My favorite part is when she goes running into the kitchen...listen for Paul's reaction! So funny!

Sweet Bree. She lo-o-o-ves her toys. Big thanks to Uncle Dan for the squishy puppy and to Grammy and Poppy for the baby-sized rattle.

You really only need to watch the first few seconds of this one, just hear Paul's reaction and then all of Carly's questions - so funny! My parents always give us some hilarious prize in our stockings. One year it was the "snerms," another year it was flying monkeys...Paul's just not used to that. =)

Thanks Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace! "They match to-gedder!"

Mini Cooper! Thanks to MomMom and PopPop! The best part is Daddy's reaction! =)

Driving with Daddy! I put up a photo of this, but it's so much better in motion.

Hey Carly, what does a monkey say?

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