Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day Part 1

Hi! Welcome to installment one of our Christmas morning memories! First are the videos, which you may or may not care about unless you are directly related to us or - in the case of the second video - you like to hear me being a big dork. I'll explain that one more fully when we get there. I put the photos second, and will add more when I get back in the same room as my mom's camera. =)
Okay! This one runs a bit long, but those little running feet! So cute! And Daddy's reaction is great...sweet Carly. She was immediately distracted by Diesel as you'll see. She didn't notice the TABLE that Diesel was on, just the train itself. =)

OKAY FIRST!!! Please let me explain!!! We turned on the music channel on cable that was playing Christmas music and randomly, the song that was on was some kind of crazy hardcore explains my lyrics there at the end. Too bad you can't see the headbanging that went along with them. =)

And finally! I'm sure the first thing you will notice is that the music is much more cheerful! This video is mostly about Bree....she was LOVING her new elephant and was trying her best to chew off its trunk. It's still her favorite new toy.

Sweet Carly...she loved her trains.

In case you didn't watch the videos...THIS is the cramma. Huge hit and we've all had our portraits taken. The minute I can figure out how to upload them, you can see what our little photog has been up to. =)

Then Poppy put together Carly's new tent! It was quite bit larger than I expected, but it's still cute!

Paul and Carly with a couple of their favorite gifts. =) My mom has a GREAT video of Carly's first attempt at driving - and yeah, we're all in shorts and t-shirts because it was somewhere around 75 degrees at that point.
You will see this photo again in thirteen and a half years. Don't worry -they weren't moving! But still - my sweet girls and their monkey pajamas.
Some of the aftermath. 10 points if you can find my new awesome Cricut!
And finally, Carly got to eat that gingerbread house! Haha, little monster.
A peek through the carnage.
Then at Granny's, we got to see Skylar (in her coordinating dress!).
And Bree got to visit with sweet Gabby.
And Bree also got to visit with cousin Kirsten and soon-to-be baby Vi. =)


ADB said...

wow! carly must have been good...look at all those gifts!! christmas looks like so much fun with little ones around =)

Our Family of Four said...

So cute! But seriously now... who wrapped those gifts. It was like she was trying to get into fort knox!

Nadee said...

So much fun! Merry Christmas!