Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buddy Was Here!

We have taken festive to the next level at the Fischer household. Let's begin with our gingerbread house...we've had it for a couple of weeks, but it fits with our theme of over-the-top holiday cheer. =)
I can't even describe how little fun Paul had putting this up. It's not his fault he's so tall and he's the only one who could reach the ceiling!
Because the plastic candy garland and giant jinglebell wreath weren't enough bling... Katherine and I added fifty feet of blue and silver garland. =)
Snowflakes are ev-er-y-where at our house. At last count, there are 94.
BAM! This looks much more impressive in real life...maybe tomorrow's photos will show the full effect. Carly believes that there has to be snow for Santa to come to her what if it's 81 degrees in our house. If the baby needs snow, Mama's gonna make some SNOW. =)

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ADB said...

what a beautiful winter wonderland!!! Merry Christmas!!!