Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weather Notice

To our family from the frozen north and the freezing's going to be a little warmer than you're used to! You can expect high seventies for the next four days, then mid-sixties, with a quick trip to the fifties on the 22nd. Be prepared! If it goes above 80, we're going to break out the kiddie pool!


Grammy said...

TWITA (That's what I'm talking about!)

McCoyFamily said...

LOL The kiddie pool that's classic!

Anna Costa said...

Well right now, I am looking out my window, at a HUGE snow storm!!!! No kiddie pools here!We are to get about 12" by nightfall. So, be glad to be where you are, although I bet if Carly was here we'd be having a ball, making snowmen, and snowballs, sleding, and my favorite snow-shoeing!!! Such a fashionista, I would do anything for a new pair of shoes, yes even snow-shoes!!!!