Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day Fun =)

Glo - two words: Art Supplies!!!
Santa is bringing some glitter pens, paint pens and little markers...and thank goodness for our stash of carboard boxes in the garage! When plain old paper got boring, we started creating other stuff...I think this box was the fairy castle. =)
Then she asked for a BIG box...and thankfully we just got a bunch of stuff from Crate and Barrel (yet another reason why shopping is good!) and we had this giant box...she said to me, "I think I should paint on the inside." And it started so well!
Inevitably, on the feet. She was completely covered by the time we were done.
She laughed because it felt squishy and she said it felt like purple. In case you were wondering, yellow feels like Carly's car window when the sunshine makes it warm. And yellow smells like our citrus hand sanitizer. =)
It kept her busy for almost an HOUR, and then the cleanup took another hour....which is good when you're stuck in the house all day long!


ADB said...

you are such a cool mom! i don't think that my mom would have EVER let me do this!! how FUN!!!

McCoyFamily said...

You are the Bravest Mom I know:) I miss Patrick getting messy at your house move back!!!