Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Day Roadtrip! =)

Doesn't she look so cozy? Bree took a GREAT nap this morning - of course it was in my bed, but two straight hours of daytime sleep is unheard of for her, so we were loving it! Carly and I got a lot done around the house while Bree slept, and when she woke up, we took off on our big huge adventure of the day!
We drove all the way out to Lafayette to check out their museum. It's an hour and some change and both girls slept the whole way (woohoo!)...the museum was just alright (we are museum connoisseurs) but Carly still had a good time. I really think Bree had a good time looking at all the bright colors, too.
Making faces...this is a fun station!
More of Mommy and Bree hanging out. She was such a happy girl today!
They have a little restaurant, called the Cafe Enfants...Carly served me all sorts of delicacies, like crawfish and corn on the cob, watermelon slices and was so funny to watch her zooming around the kitchen!
Then in the bubble area, Carly created this gigantic bubble - it's hard to tell, but it was about two feet across! We were amazed!
Hehehe, in the dentist area. Dr. Nic, how does it look??? =)
Then Carly got to drive the "ambalance"....this part was pretty cool. They had an old ambulance cleaned up and set up so the kids could crawl all around it and in the back and see all the stuff that paramedics use. The cool thing about this little museum is how involved the community is in making it work. There are donations from businesses all across Lafayette...and things like this.
..."quiet out of the way places" other words, no nursing in the middle of everything!
Then! YAY! Since we were already over halfway there, we went ahead and made a visit to Granny's house in Welsh! My girls LOVE their Granny Gretch! It was so good to see you today! =)
Carly got to pick some satsumas! She's not quite sure about eating them yet, but it was still fun to pull the ripe ones off the tree. We can't wait to go back for Thanksgiving. =)


Kalyn said...

A) YOU look beautiful.
B) Bree looks so cute holding her head up.
c) I love Carly's hair right now... it looks super cute.
d) Shoot. I for got what "d" was.

OH... what are "satsumas"

ADB said...

bree is precious! fun times...your kids have the best adventures!!

Brandi said...

The mommy in me whose son would not nap without being held until he was 5 months says a nap is a nap so yeah!

DrNic said...

Hahaha...Carly looks so cute in the dentist chair! My mom has a pic of me at about that age, from my first trip to the dentist.
Maybe we have a budding dentist on our hands???