Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carly's Evening

We wanted to make something nice, but we have no I found this recipe for pumpkin 'muffins' that doesn't need eggs! Just these things, which are among the few things hanging out in our pantry right now. Mommy needs to go to the grocery store....anyway, it was so fun for Carly and we ended up with 24 dense, sweet, pumpkin flavored hockey pucks. Carly loves them.
Putting in the liners...I love it so much that Carly wears this crown at every opportunity. I love that she says, "Just a minute, I need to be a princess" and then drops whatever she was doing and runs to her playroom to get it.
It ALL went in the bowl! Hooray!!!
Mommy did the pumpkin part because it was "too getting stucky" and then Carly had a try and stirring after she measured and added the spices.
While the muffin-cupcakes were baking, Carly brought out her awesome alphabet puzzle. She's had it for a while and we've put it together hundreds of times and she still loves it. She's gotten to the point that she can do the whole puzzle by herself and she says the name of the picture and the letter sound, like, "The d-d-d-dog goes next to the d-d-d-d-Dee"...that's probably because that's what we say when we put this puzzle together, but whatever gets the message across! =)
She had to take the crown off to focus on those last pieces!


Our Family of Four said...

Is that her birthday girl crown? Yeah - so happy she's getting some use out of it!

Grammy said...

And of course, not only does the genius child know the letters and sounds, she knows the directions such as "next to", "above", and "below", very important and precise words.

ADB said...

carly sure is growing up! can't wait to come cook with you guys and read and put puzzles together and go on some wild and crazy adventures!!!

beeda loves you guys

usmcfamily04 said... it!

try this, box spice cake and one can pumpkin...that's it. Although, I added a bit of applesauce to make it a bit easier to pour...