Friday, November 21, 2008

A Few Photos From This Week

We did lots of stuff this week, but not many photos...Carly helped me cook dinner almost every she is perfecting the art of cleaning mushrooms for our veggie filled meatloaf from last night. I had hoped that helping make it would help her want to eat some, but her no-meat strike is still going strong. We're happy she loves tofu, beans, cheese, yogurt, so she's getting all of her nutrients. =)
And Bree has had lots of fun working out on her gym. She LOVES the mirrors, and kicking this flower to make it move.
Closeup of her sweet shirt. We love Carter's.
And THIS! My genius daughter spelled out her name on the refrigerator. I kept hearing her say, "C-A-R-L-Y is Carly" over and over and I guess this is why! I was so excited about it, I ran for my camera, but she was more interested in showing you her spongepaint art than her mad language skills.

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ADB said...

bree you look so cute in purple and carly you are so smart!!!