Saturday, November 22, 2008

How It Is

Poor Carly! Her ear infection didn't clear up all the way after the first cycle of antibiotics and it came back again tonight. She was in so much pain on our way home from dinner with some friends of ours and we couldn't get in touch with anyone from Carly's doctor's office to get a prescription called in, so Paul took her in to the emergency room. They were pretty quick, but I guess it was because she was making a lot of noise...whatever it takes!

So Paul brought her back and then went to drop off the prescription at the closest 24-hour Walgreens and while he was gone, I took care of Carly's version of first aid...a bandaid where it hurts (across her ear) and some magic medicine (a tsp of water with honey). It worked for a few minutes but then she was up crying again and she wanted to be held and she wanted a story. So we started telling a story about a be-youuuuutiful princess named Carly who lived in a beautiful glitter castle that had big trains all around and the bubble bath was as big as a whole backyard...Mama makes it all better. least until Daddy gets home. As soon as the door beeped when he opened it, she jumped down off my lap and said "Daddy's home, and he will snug with me and I'll feel all better." Haha - at least I know where I stand.


Kalyn said...

AWWWWWWW........ poor Carly!!! Give her an extra kiss and hug from me! Oh- and we tell the beee-youtiful Princess stories too.... Get some sleep.... call me soon!

Brandi said...

Same around here. Its all about mom til daddy gets home and that its like I don't exist. I do appreciate the little break I get if daddy gets home at a decent hour though. I have noticed that if Ryan wakes up at night he never calls for daddy though.