Sunday, November 23, 2008

Farmer's Market

It took us half of forever to get out of the house Saturday morning, and when we finally did get out of the house it was still a little "chilly." I love Carly's face here. =)
...hahaha...AND here! Both of them! silly beans!
Then, the acordion player started up and Carly was really bacited to go check it out!
Happy little bundled-up baby.
Blue crabs! They were alive, but not moving a lot because it was so cold. The lady told Carly that the crabs with the red claws were the girls and Carly really wanted to touch them. Aren't they pretty? It sort of makes me wish I 1) knew how to cook blue crab and 2) weren't totally freaked out by the idea of cooking something that is still alive.
She wasn't as sure about the accordion player up close.
That face!
**She's feeling much better today. She slept until 9:30, then got up to watch the 'Credibles' and now she's napping again in prep for a birthday party in an hour. I'm not totally sure we'll be making it to that party, but poor Carly was so sleepy from not sleeping at ALL last night, she needed the down time anyway.**


Kalyn said...

Carly looks SO cute in that jacket!! Oh, and could Bree be ANY cuter? Really! I love the hat on here, and her cute expression a few pics down! :) YAY!!!!!

Jennifer-Lynn said...

Alanna has that same exact coat. It's so warm and soft; I wish they had it in my size.

Daniel said...

Do you remember doing that crab boil with great uncle ____ in Welsh? from seeing that picture I had a memory! heh And fishing was involved?