Friday, October 31, 2008

Tummy Time

Easily Bree's second-least favorite time of the day, second only to going to sleep in her crib during the day! But she's a little trooper. Look at that sweet face, "Mom, listen you have about three minutes and I am done here."
This stinks
I know, I had to do it, too.
Oops! She was kicking too hard and went OVER the pillow...poor baby, berber isn't cozy.
So sad - she didn't even like her favorite game of seeing that other baby in the mirror. =(

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Glo said...


It's OK! I don't like tummy time or sleeping in my crib during the day either. If you learn to roll over they can't make you stay on your tummy. If you need some pointers let me know!

Your friend,