Friday, October 31, 2008

Round Two *ding, ding!*

Carly's school party was this morning - the weather could not have been more beautiful! This is Carly with one of her sweet teachers, Miss Melanie. The sunshine was so bright in my little pirate's eyes.
Playing peekaboo with Jane - this park has a lot of structures to play on, but the surface is sand, and between dumpin sand out of my shoes five million times and fixing Carly's costume another five million times, I didn't get the greatest photos...but Carly did have a good time! There were three boy pirates there and Carly! =)
She was excited because one of the swings had opened up.
I wish I could tell you what these little girls' names are, they are so sweet! The little clown had a sprouted pumpkin seed she was showing to Carly.
Hahaha...she says, "WHAT?! We were just at a park and I slept the WHOLE TIME?!?!"

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Kalyn said...

GREAT photos.... I need to upload mine from yesterday! :)